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9 July 2015

New Customer Reference Posted: Swiss Cisco Gold Partner ITRIS Enterprise AG Showcase LISP VPN Expertise... The use of LISP VPNs can significantly simplify and accelerate modern WAN deployments and migrations, as leading Swiss Cisco Gold Partner ITRIS Enterprise AG recently showcased. ITRIS Enterprise's experience and innovation, and open way of thinking associated with innovation through IT technology has made them successful with their customers in building networks that adapt to the rapidly changing needs and that provide the utmost from their network infrastructures. When developing their next-generation VPN solutions to meet modern requirements, they focused on technologies which could:

  • * Allow for any transport type (Internet, MPLS, broadband, mixed, etc.) to improve bandwidth options at favorable cost points, as well as improve resiliency in failure scenarios
  • * Allow for virtualization within the enterprise and transport domains to provide segmentation for security and quality of service options
  • * Allow for multi-address family operations (IPv4 and IPv6) to provide seamless IPv6 transition strategies
  • * Reducing the effort required to maintain the network in order to reduce operational costs was also a primary goal

The pairing of GETVPN with LISP is a natural choice to maintain WAN security, either over the MPLS network or over the Internet anytime. To read about the experiences of ITRIS Enterprise AG and GETVPN and LISP, click [HERE].

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LISP at Cisco Live US 2015

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Locator/ID Separation Protocol LISP

LISP is a network architecture and set of protocols that implements a new semantic for IP addressing. LISP creates two namespaces and uses two IP addresses: Endpoint Identifiers (EIDs), which are assigned to end-hosts, and Routing Locators (RLOCs), which are assigned to devices (primarily routers) that make up the global routing system.

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