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18 August 2014

New Posting - "Third Edition of IPv6 Essentials includes LISP"... Excerpt posted here!"... The "Third Edition" of "IPv6 Essentials" (by Silvia Hagen, published by O'Reilly") has just released. This version nicely includes a short summary covering LISP as a "Transition Technology" - and the author and publisher have been kind enough to let us post that "excerpt" here. To read this excerpt, click [HERE]. The full book can be found [HERE]

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LISP at Cisco Live US 2014

LISP Content from Cisco Live US 2014! [HERE]

Locator/ID Separation Protocol LISP

LISP is a network architecture and set of protocols that implements a new semantic for IP addressing. LISP creates two namespaces and uses two IP addresses: Endpoint Identifiers (EIDs), which are assigned to end-hosts, and Routing Locators (RLOCs), which are assigned to devices (primarily routers) that make up the global routing system.

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