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LISP Technical References

The IETF LISP Working Group has completed the baseline LISP RFCs!. These core
LISP RFCs are available on the IETF LISP Working Group site. The core documents include:

Other drafts are still working their way through the IETF LISP Working Group. These
documents are all posted on the IETF LISP Working Group site, here: IETF LISP Working Group

LISP Presentations

LISP Tech Talk Series -- Dino Farinacci Presenting LISP at the Google Tech Talk Series...

Part 1 - Problem Statement, Architecture, Protocol (Dino Farinacci) (10-Feb-2010) Part 1
Part 2 - Mapping Database, Infrastructure, Interworking (Dino Farinacci) (17-Feb-2010) Part 2
Part 3 - Deployed Network, Use-Cases (Dino Farinacci) (24-Feb-2010) Part 3

LISP TechWise TV session -- Darrel Lewis Discussing LISP on the Cisco TechWise TV Series...

The Locator ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Explained (Darrel Lewis) (22-Apr-2011) LISP TechWise

Cisco Live Las Vegas (10-14 July 2011)

LISP: A Next Generation Network Architecture (BRKRST-3045) Darrel Lewis, Gregg Schudel BRKRST-3045

LISP Web Sites (Reachable via LISP)

The following Web Sites contain information about LISP and reachable via LISP:

The following Web Sites are reachable via LISP in IPv6 EID Space:

Other LISP Information and Disucssions

The following Web Sites having information related to LISP

Mail to: lisp-support@cisco.com [lisp-support@cisco.com]